And although many popular people hide their hobbies, some of them proudly talk about their exploits in the casino.

We present the TOP of the most famous celebrity players who can be caught gambling. Read our rating, play slot machines for free to feel incredible excitement and diversify your leisure time.

Tiger Woods
He became interested in gambling after meeting high rollers Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. Woods plays very interestingly. In every casino in Las Vegas, he has a betting limit of $ 1 million. At one table, he can place bets up to $ 25,000.

The player often spends time in the casino with the most beautiful girls. By the way, they became the reason for Tiger Woods’ divorce from his legal wife. And she sued him $ 750 million.

Michael Phelps
The famous swimmer, owner of 22 Olympic medals, loves to compete. In 2012, he became seriously interested in gambling. Michael was guided by the principle of not leaving the game until he won. And once he sat at a gambling table in a Baltimore casino for 8 hours straight.

Tobey Maguire
He never hid that he loves gambling. And, by the way, he even earned $ 10 million on them. Most of all, Toby loves poker and often chooses underground games to get the feeling of incredible excitement. By the way, the actor once even organized an illegal club in which his stellar colleagues gathered.

Ben Affleck
He loves blackjack and poker. Often the actor takes part in championships and one of them even won. The celebrity was never silent about his hobbies and shared his victories with fans.

Michael Jordan
In 1993, the athlete said that he loves gambling. He called them his hobby and honestly admitted that he can afford to spend a lot of money on betting. After that Michael was often noticed at the gambling tables of many casinos.


These gambling celebrities often visit casinos and spend money with ease. For them, playing is a way to have a great time and get vivid emotions. We do not advise you to get involved in gambling, but in order to have some fun, play free slots on our website.